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Drift Fin Co. - Mid Twins

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"Mando" Collection

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Drift Fin Co. Twin Plus Trailer Fin in Green, futures base

Drift Fin Co. - Twin Plus Trailers

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Twin Keel Fins

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Drift Fin Co. K2 Keel in Orange, pink and black color. Twin keel fin with Futures base
Drift Fin Co. Performance twin fin, with foam core. Futures and FCS base. Colors are seafoam green with orange and red accent colors and carbon fiber on the fin.

Performance Twin Fins

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Two plus One's

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Drift Fin Co. Two plus one's in dark gray. FCS1 and Futures base for side bites.

Stoked Customers

These fin's quality far exceeded my expectations! They look amazing and seem very durable. I am newer to twin fins so its hard for me to compare this shape to other twin fin profiles but I can say the set was a huge step up from using just two fins from a quad set. Gives me tons more drive with the larger profile but still seems pretty easy to pivot on and slide when needed


I use this fin setup on my 5'8" torq summer 5. I'm a true truster guy and wasn't feeling this board wasn't going fast on small surf like it is designed to do so I wanted to experiment it as a twin fin but wanted to have a trailer just because. First wave on a waist high reef point break was like fast off the take off and never lost it the whole wave. Good quality, not $140, great service, and green looks good. Had it on a 1 1/2 month trip in the tropics and never came off once. Was my go to board and fin match for the waist to chest high days.

Michael Ward

Just as described.. a perfect balance between the two! I love surfing with just two fins and have explored various twin setups on different style shapes. You can't go wrong with this template :) definitely buying more fins from Drift!


this is a well made and designed fin for a great price. this twin plus trailer set rocks.



Got a pair for a custom fish. You won't go wrong.

Bird Rocker